Thursday, July 19, 2018

International Young Designers Contest

A little time ago I've had an opportunity to watch an amazing contest that was situated in the centre of Kyiv. Of course I wanted to show you what it looked like. Young and very talented designers from the countries of central and east Europe presented their amazing collections.

                                                     D E T A I L S

I think it's really cool that Ukrainian Fashion Week organises events like these near people, who can just watch it when they were walking through Kyiv main street.
Do you have something like this in your city? Let me know :)

See you here next week ♥
SOTW: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Dance Off
                                                      Necklace-The Wholesome Store
                                                      Sneakers- Bershka
                                                      Sunglasses-New Yorker
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Healthy & delicious meals that you should try NOW

Goooood morning/afternoon/evening you beautiful! In this post I want to share with you three recipes of really delicious meals.
I cook very seldom, but that day I just got inspired by some YouTube videos and somehow did what I did. Not without help, of course :)
As I said, the basis of these recipes was the video on YouTube, but I added or changed some of the ingredients to my taste. Obviously you can do that too. Bu the way, portions are calculated for two. But we could not eat everything at once
So, without further ado, let's get started! :) 

To prepare this simple and at the same time delicious summer salad you will need: 
↠ cucumbers, 
↠ tomatoes, 
↠ chicken, 
↠ French mustard, 
↠ a bit of sunflower oil and salt. 
First cut vegetables and meat, then mix, onwards add a little amount of oil, mustard and a pinch of salt. In the end, I added a few drops of nectarine juice, but it did not give me anything hahaah.

For yummy banana pancakes you will need 
a banana (unexpected, right?),
 two eggs, 
We break two eggs, clean the banana, add a little cinnamon and mix it. After that you fry this mixture and watch the appearance of your pancakes. Serve with your favorite fruits for a variety of tastes.. Voila, you're done!
Yep, in my case pancakes do not look so good, but it seems to me that the taste is more important :) 
But I'll practise!

For this a little strange, but a great breakfast (or not breakfast hahah) you will need: 
half of banana, 
an egg, 
a few berries.
First, break the egg and mix it with half of banana, then add raw oatmeal, a pinch of cinnamon. Apart from that you can also squeeze out a little bit juice of your favorite berries, for me it's cherry :) Mix it all and fry (without oil) for about three minutes. Then leave it for the night in the refrigerator. Also, I advise you to buy crispbread for this mixture, because you can put your breakfast on them and it will be even more delicious :) Done!

                                   This is how this mixture looks before

And that's how it looks after :) 

So there you have it. Let me know if you're inspired to cook something similar. I'd be very happy if you make something like this, and if you want to, then share your thoughts on Instagram and tag me :)
Bon Appetit!

SOTD: LSD feat. Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth-Genius
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Thursday, July 05, 2018

My First Music Festival

Hi there everyone!
Today's post is special 'cause I'm going to tell you about one amazing event that I attended.
It's Atlas Weekend! One of the best  Ukrainian music festivals.
I was so excited, one of the reasons was that I could attend only the first day of the festival.
But I've had an opportunity to see  and hear some awesome Ukrainian musicians like Alekseev, Monatik, ВВ.
Also for me this festival wasn't like a casual event that I'm going to, I've been thinking about it as my own version of Coachella hahah. So I wanted my look t be memorable and bright as they do in California. Unfirtunatly the weather wasn't like in USA at all, well, I thought so, but it got warmer throughout the day. Anyway, to make my outfit look not that casual I:
▹picked up my bright-coloured clother and jewelry
▹used my blue and pink eyeshadows to make "unicorn style" makeup, of course I added some glitter
▹brought my friends with me to turn these moments into our joint memories

It was deffinitely a bit hard for me to just focus and have fun whle it was so many people everywhere, not gonna lie. So I think this might not be the best place to hang out if you like quiet places and small gangs.

But there are still more pros than cons, you know? So I think everyone should attend music festival at least once. But it's not about me hahah.
So, what's next? Coachella? :)
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                                                     Bomber Jacket-Bershka 
                                                     T-shirt- Cropp 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Backstage of my prom

A few days ago I reached one of my main goals so far- I've graduated from high school! Really memorable and exciting moment.
Today I'm sharing with you all the little bits of this amazing day.
The first thing on my list was to find people who I can trust in doing my hair, makeup and other pretty important things for mostly every girl who's getting ready for prom.
TIP: Find good masters beforehand. My hair was not very complicated, but some problems arose. Fortunately, everything was decided on time
Light careless curls, gentle makeup .. That's all I would say about my look.
We sewed the dress according to my examples. My inspiration was Valentinо. We knew our Designer well, I think that's why everything turned out just like we wanted to.
Certainly this day was very nervous for all of us, so here are some tips that I would like to give to future graduates, so that they have pleasant memories of this day
▹take more photos. Ask your family and friends to take cameras, shoot at every convenient or even uncomfortable moment. These are the memories that you want to keep on film.
▹but do not forget to enjoy the moment. Make a folder of highlights in your head, imagine that you put there all the small details that will later pop up for you into the whole picture
▹as I said, do everything in advance. Sewing a dress? Look for sketches well in advance. Do you want a complicated hairstyle? Try to make it a month before graduation, what if it does not fit you?
▹do not worry for no reason. And do not be nervous to relatives who worry about you on this day. For example, the weather forecast for the week says that there will be a terrible downpour, and you have an expensive suit? Firstly, it's not a fact that it will be so. Secondly, everything will be as it should be. Let go of all this and enjoy
▹and do not forget about comfort. for the evening I chose a bright pajama suit, in which I was able to dance until the morning :)
▹If you arrange a concert, try to participate if you have time. Yes, yes, after the exams we just want to lie in bed, but if you are active on the last days spent in school, then you will be able to immerse yourself in this school atmosphere for the last time. After all, maybe you will not even see some of these people. And this is by the way a good way to get acquainted! Or to communicate with old friends.
In general, I want to say that I totally liked my graduation. Yes, there were some minor troubles, but nothing prevented to enjoy this last school day.
That's all for today guys. Hope you liked this post ♥
Wishing you all an amazing day :)
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Movie Review: Ocean’s 8

Goood morning/afternoon/evening you all! 
Hope you're all feeling great, summer is just rolling around the corner, so I hope you feel these vibes :)

Today's post is a movie review. I'm not an expert in it, but I like something like this. 
The last movie I watched was Oceans 8. It's funny because I think it's quite related to me previous post about feminism. 8 powerful women who know their job and do it right. Of course robbery isn't that cool, kids hahah. 
The movie is good if you want to go with a friend, your loved one, or your mum. For everyone. Maybe because it's a comedy. 
The cast  is just amazing. Beautiful girls. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway... Oh , and Now I love Rihanna even more! :)
Fun fact: the main actresses ofthis movie even created their chat on Facebook! 

And moreover, I think it might be interesting even for boys, especially if they love Ocean's Eleven
So yeah, it was nice to relax during my busy week of prom concert rehearsals.
Question: Do you want me to write a post about my prom preparation? Maybe I'll show you some backstage momemnts :) Okay,let me know..
See you next time
xx, livestylecreate
SOTD: Kanye West & Kid Cudi- Feel The Love (Feat. Pusha T)

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Thursday, June 14, 2018


Today's post is going to be a "serious" one,  because it's about equal rights of all people and my opinion about it. Someone will say that it's it's not really necessary to talk about it in our generation, comparing to how the life was two centuries ago.
But I think it's the little things that make me notice that not everything is so bright, maybe, it's only in my country, but I'm really not sure.
Here are some things that we all should remember:
if the woman wears short dress or a skirt, it doesn't mean that she wants for some stranger to talk to her or touching her. It's not right. And saying "she wore something short or sexy so it means that she wanted me to come up" Not true.
guys/girls, don't ever catcall another girl/guy, it looks super silly, and that person won't even talk to you at 99,5 %
it's not cool to follow someone, don't be creepy and choose positive vibes
I'm pretty sure that my readers are not the people who would do something from this list, but I think it's a great reminder for every boy or a girl here about what is right and what is wrong. Of course it's only my opinion, you may agree or disagree on it.
Anyway, I wish you all to feel happy and safe in every situation. If something changes-you should talk about it.
Choose love.
xx, livestylecreate
SOTD: Daughter-Home
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Thursday, June 07, 2018

My Top 5: Movies for Summer Nights

Hi there! How was your first week of summer?
Finally I'm happy to announce that I'm free of my exams, so I can go back to my normal happy life with LiveStyleCreate :)
Today's post if one of your favourites- it's about movies! I've been waiting to watch something cool, I think summer season is made to watch movies under stars. Today's movies are perfect for this occasion :)
☼ The Notebook
Romantic drama film that is based on the novel. A great touching story that is perfect for summer date night :) 

☼ The Other Woman
Funny and easy movie, I advice to watch it on a hen-party :)

☼ Step up
I think you might know about this movie, the music and production are just great there :)

☼ Call me by your name
Emotional,sensual and amazing... This movie will make you want to visit every corner of Italy ♥

☼ (500) Days of Summer
Many funny moments that tell a sad story, not another romantic film

Sooo yeah, this list is pretty diverse, as you can see...Anyway, I hope you'll find something that your soul need this hot summer evening ♥ 
Remember to always choose love
xx livestylecreate
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Thursday, May 31, 2018

One Year

Hi there my beautiful readers! 
This week's post is really special for me because it's dedicated to the 1 year anniversary of this blog! 
As everyone knows, time flies really quickly, so it's hard to believe that I've been posting here every week for a whole year. But it's true! 

This blog allowed me to experience and explore more, because I wanted to create good content. I'm happy that my interests didn't really change since last spring, but when I changed my mind about something and wanted to share it, I always did it here. 
Some tips on different subjects, suggestions about where to go and to eat, music preferences, styling ideas, holidays, trips... It all happened through just 12 months! Oh no, there are many more amazing things and memories.  

So for this post I went to the place where I shot my first ever ootd post. 
I knew what I was doing when I created a blog before starting one of the busiest years of my school life. To be honest, this idea was kind of spontaneous, but I know we it was right.
I like being busy with something I love, and my blog gave me this opportunity.

Thank you all who is reading it, for starting this journey with me 
Hope to see you here more 
Let's continue it together  ♥
SOTD: Wallows-Pictures of girls
Bomber Jacket-Bershka