Thursday, December 14, 2017

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing good.
As I promised in previous post, today's post is Holidays themed.
If you're not in a christmas spirit yet, I've found some ways to make you inspired and excited about the most wonderful time of the year. (firstly, sing this song hahah)
So, without further ado, let's see what I advise you to do to feel christmasy!
❉ Ornamentals

Essential. Surround yourself with all little things that are festive! Advent calendar, which my friend surprised me with, was such a great gift fromher, I wanted it for a pretty long time ♥

It can be your clothes (personally I love beautiful christmas sweater, there are so many of them, fo everyone!), food (candies, festive dishes), candles, lot's of stuff!
❉ Decorate your home

Of course every one of us does it in some way. But maybe you can de it a bit earlier? Put Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Frank Sinatra and get into it!

Decorate every corner with some cute figurines,baubles, toys! Do it with family or invite friends. It would be really fun and will increase your Holiday spirit!

❉Other things to make an atmoshere

Every detail can make a difference!
Although I don't have an appropriate photo, I suggest you to light a candle, put the christmas movie on ( the link to my post about movies will be below) and have a bath! Ahh, a perfect plan for winter night!
What can make you feel cozy and christmasy? I'm really interested, leave a comment :)

Just look at this giant bauble hahah. I love it, and it reminds me about a really great day!
Oh, it's an idea. Maybe you can add a personal details to your tree: some things that remind you of something, or you even can hang polaroids! It would be really cool.

So there you have it cuties. I'm happy to share with you little corners of my festive home atmospere. Hope you liked it and it inspired you to decorate more!
By the way, there was a lot of snow in many countries last weekend, so I'm interested if you have snow now in where you live :)

Hope to see you again next week!
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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Birthday fun

Hiii everyone! How are you? What are you up to? I'm currently watching (or should I say listen to) some Youtube. And writing to you duuhh.
Anyway, today I want to show you a birthday celebration of one of my closest friends! We've had a lot of fun, so thank you to her for that great evening :)

Cinema+good food+attractions is always a good idea ♥
By the way guys, have you seen my latest post? If the answer is no, the link below will be waiting for you. It's a good and seasonal one, so don't miss it!

When was the last time you've came to the cinema?
We watched an American comedy. Yeah, not really my favourite category. But sometimes you just want to watch something a bit more silly and funny, you know? Especially when the movie is pretty good for it's genre.

It was also filled with Christmas theme! So that is a point hahah.

Attractions might have been the best part. We danced, drove, competed. I haven't played on them for really long! Even some of them were new for me. As my friend said:" Imagine how we looked from the side!" Hahah :)

A little preview of my next's going to be Christmasy! So stay tuned!
Thank you again to Polina for that great day and pics.
And thank YOU for reading :)
Hope to see you again next week!
                                                Boots- Pull & Bear

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas movies list

Hello my gingerbread festive snowflakes!! (Sorry about that, got a bit too excited hahah)
HAPPY DECEMBER! So happy that the first month of winter is here ♥
Let the Christmas countdown begin :)
If you're in search of some holiday spirit already, I want to share with you my list of favourite Christmas movies!
Light a candle, make yourself latte with cookies, snuggle in bed and go watch some!
While You Were Sleeping
Very funne,kind classic movie. Sandra Bullock is really cute too.

The Holiday
Beautiful story, talented actors and a lot of Christmas spirit!

New Year's Eve
Do you like films in which several storylines are intertwined? if so, then definitely watch this touching family movie.

Bridget Jones’s Diary
Although the events of the film occur not only during the New Year holidays season, for some reason I really want to watch it exactly at this time. Funny and sincere Bridget,while going through all the comic situations,inspires us all to believe in our strength.

Love Actually
this film has been around for many years, but still it's still being watched every year. Like most good Christmas movies. And it's another picture with several plots.

So folks, did you like today's post? I hope so. Winter holidays are my favourite ones, especially New Year. That's why I really enjoyed making this list. And want to make more! Maybe not just movies.. What do you think about it? And let me know how excited you're about Christmas!
By the way, I've written another article for LookVine, so if you want to read it, link will be slightly lower. 
Hope you've an amazing three months of autumn! There are always reasons to be grateful Remember my past post? :)
You deserved some rest, so enjoy these holidays fully! ♥
Song of the day: Michael Buble – Christmas

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Friday thoughts, coffee and ducks.

Good coffee. Nature. Friends. Ducks. Not a bad componanets for a lovely stroll after not going out  for about two weeks? I thought so too.
So today I'm showing you a little photo report from that day.
Welcome to my 30th post!

Anyway, how was your week? To be honest, I'm really happy that it's Friday already. Last couple of days were soo long and I felt a bit down. But there wasn't any big reason for it and it deffinetely wasn't important.
And weekend is almost here :)

Also I think I'm starting to get a bit addicted to coffee hahah. I really wanted one good latte for soo long. But when I got coffee with caramel popcorn, mint syrop and a biiittt of chocolate I was so happy hahah. Do you like coffee?
I mostly prefer only latte.


Also, it was Thanksgiving this week. We don't celebrate it in Ukraine, but I really think it is important to remind yourself what you have to be grateful for. You can even make notes every day with your thanks about that day. Maybe you achived something or you finally spent time with your family. Almost anything :) I'm grateful for a lot of things. Especially for you my lovely reader hahah :)

So there you have it. Sorry about not being really active past days, will fox it. Hope you liked today's post and hope that you're feeling good. Leave me a comment, want to know your opinion about some of the themes I mentioned today :)
See you in my next Christmassyyyy post! Yay!
Song of the day: One Republic – All Fall Down
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Top: movies about love

Heeelloo my readers! No fashion themed post today. Maybe it's for better, because it's another list of movies! Do you like movies about love? There are so many films like that, so the choice is great, but to be honest, it's hard to please me on the subject of this genre hahah. But I prepared for you a great variety of films about different types of love, couples and genres. 'Types of love' sounds a bit weird hahah.
Anyway, let's start :)
 ♡  La La Land
Everything in this film is perfect. At least I think so.
It is important to achieve your goal, but it is also important to be near your loved one who always supported you.
Here’s to the ones who dream ♥

♡ Last Night
Very atmospheric film, amazing cast, streets of New York.
It shows that love can manifest itself in many different ways.

♡ Water for Elephants
A film about how people who really love each other are able to go through all the difficulties.

♡ Dirty Dancing
It's probably a more summer movie, but it's a classic one many people like to revise. Watch it and cheer yourself up with great dances and a cool soundtrack.

♡ Pride & Prejudice
for fans of screen versions of books by Jane Austen. And also one more opportunity to admire Kira Knightley. As you can see, I really like her hahah. But the movie is great too hahah. Something a bit different.

♡ All Roads Lead to Rome
Light and funny movie. And bit of nostalgia about summer :)

So, that's all for today folks. Hope you've found something to watch this weekend.
Anyway, thanks for reading! See you next Friday!
Song of the day: Otis Redding – Try a Little Tenderness
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Thursday, November 09, 2017

A turtleneck and a bomber jacket

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Hello lovely people! Another week is almost over, so it's time for a new post! Outfit of the day, funny photos and a bit of spontaneous thoughts ♥
Hope you'll like it

Me and my friend went to this quay, which looks so pretty in autumn! It was nice to spend some time ouside after a long ride. Also it's getting colder so we're catching the last fewer warm days. But I couldn't escape autumn virus, so now I'm at home trying to cure after having high temperature. So today's photos not very suitable for my condition hahah. To be honest I wasn't feeling really good last days, but i think it's because of illness. Hope you're feeling well guys!


 The theme I wanted to talk about today is the recent 'trend' that is almost everywhere now. But 'trend' is  not the right word. Although I think you all heard about it. Every day we hear more and more names of people who have ever committed or were subjected to sexual abuse. We learnt a lot about some celebrities and terrible things that they could have done many years ago. It's upseting that everyone learned about this so late. But still, I'm glad that people have become more open and saw that they have someone who'll support them or even have a similiar story. I believe that in such a situation it is very important not to be silent and to believe that justice will triumph. And the motive doesn't have to be just like this. Just always believe in yourself and be sincere! There are many useful sources on the Internet where you can get support. Remember that we all have the right to choose. Don't forget about it, stay safe and believe in yourself! ♥
I feel like some mentor hahah. Just a bit of evening thoughts :)

▹ ▸D E T A I L S ◃◂

Oh, and here I'm just laughing at my elegance hahah

 So, did you like today's post? If the answer is yes, don't forger to leave a comment  ⤈
Thanks for reading! Sending you gooood vibes :)
Song of the day: Kadnay-Відчуваю
                                            Bomber Jacket-Bershka
                                            Jeans-Pull & Bear
                                            Sneakers-Pull & Bear

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