Thursday, March 15, 2018

A perfect night in

What would you do if you knew that you’ve two more free days from school at the end of the week? The answer if pretty obvious for me. However I wasn’t so happy about the fact that we will chill at home all the time because the weather gave us some presents: thaw and melting snow as a result!
But lots of water everywhere outside didn’t stop my passion to make another worthwhile post for my blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s my first ever blog post at home!
Well, okay, it’s not actually MY apartment, because I was at my friends’ that  day, so yeah.
As you may have understood, we survived from this a bit horrific and typical March wether by visiting each other's.
And doing such kind of thing ispired me to write an article about how to have great time at home with friends. Just some of my ideas. Maybe some of them will be obvious for you, but I hope that you’ll still be interested. And share it with your friends too! ♥

food and drinks
Something bubbly to drink and something sweet to eat. Everything’s easy. We brought lemonade, cookies, sweets and cupcakes. Ceartainly we didn’t manage to finish it all hahah.
something to watch
Always prepare some great movie, YT videos or TV show that you might want to watch together. Only if you know that your friend will enjoy it, of course. We’ve watched really cute movie called Sing. Omg, we really had a super girly evening hahah.

props for photo
Sounds funny. But if you or your friend (and maybe you both) are like me, they would search for many cool places to take shots. And it doesn’t have to be your Insta picture, just make memories together, maybe you’ll print those photos later and think about how much fun you’ve had that night.
make sure that music is ready
Or you have some musical intruments like my friend. Poor girl is used to how I always grab her ukulele and starting to show my super phoffesional playing skills (no). But in that case you can always watch a music video by your fave singer and turn the volume up when your friend is playing proudly in the back (guess who is that friend).

I don’t have anything more to tell you today babes. But don’t forget to send this post to your friends and make some amazing memories together.
Thanks for reading, see u next week!
SOTD: The Heighbourhood-Scary Love

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Thursday, March 08, 2018

My Top 8 Favorite YouTubers

Hello there people!
As you may know, I watch YouTube pretty often, so today I'm inspired to share with you the list of my fave youtubers.
Let's start!

                                                                                                        Song Of Style
Aimee is really inspiring, she's showing that she can not just write blog posts, but also create amazing videos. Fashion week vlogs are especially interesting :)


      Sonya Esman
I've been subscribed to Sonya for many year and I'm still interested in all her life updates.

One of the biggest female youtubers. She's really positive, hard-working and her videos can really make you laugh.

All about fashion and style. Every her video gives inspiration 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      violette _fr
So many makeup tutorials with a bit of french taste. Must subscribe!


              The Michalaks 
A family of four, who share all their life updates every week. Talented and funny Stefan, beautiful and intelligent Hannah and their two super cute boys. 

Yes Theory 
What if...? Maybe it's the point of all their videos. Positive, daring and sometimes crazy people who create great content. 

Well, I think you all might know her. Amazing show that speads love, kindness ad joy to our hearts ♥

So that's a wrap guys. Maybe you'll watch YouTube a lil' more now because of some of these creators. 
Also, it was Women's day this week. Want to wish all the best to you, beautiful ♥
Hope to see you next time!

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Thursday, March 01, 2018


Ciao everyone!
prepare for lots of photos today, we've got some cool backgrounds that day.
although the weather in Kiev has been surprising us for the last week...

And I know that this happened in other countries too!
Yeah, a looot of snow and pretty strong frost.
But it's not a weather forecast, as you may have thought, it's something maybe not so useful for you, but it's the place where you can chill after a long weekdays.. hahah, just kidding..

             It's a place where you can find some photos with the actual me hahah

My friend and I thought that we shouldn't miss out last snowy days (happy March, by the way!) and headed to the part of the city that reminds me of New York a bit.. just a little bit.
Fun fact about me:i know some people really want to visit maaany USA cities, but I didn't really wanted to go there, until the moment that I realised how cool would it be if I visit loud, bustling and saturated New York. And now it's the only place in USA that attracts me to visit.

But now I'm in Kiev and I have a lot of things to do here firstly.
Wandering through these beautiful buildings I remembered that I've already shot one of my blog posts. but the season changed, my outfit changed (obviously) and everything around became different just because of it. You know I love finding new places, but sometimes you can find new somewhere, where you think you've seen a lot! :)

So yeah.that all for today guys. Hope you'll have super positive weekend and a spring filled with happiness, doesn't matter what the weather outside is like.
SOTD: Jamala – Крила
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

90's look

Hello beautiful people! Another Friday came pretty quickly, especially when you're having school week off.
Not so long ago my friend and I visited this new place in downtown. Mostly it was Instagram snaps from this cafe that made us go there haha.
And of course I decided to bring you on this lil' journey :)

Really cool and "fresh" interior, original and mostly healthy (well, I think so) menu, nice staff and delicious food! Not bad huh? I've got delicious meal that included soe fruits, avocado and giant chips hahah.
To be honest, recently I've been searching for some videos and posts about healthy food and products that we should avoid. Found something pretty interesting, so I advise you to do the same research ♥

Today's outfit is inspired my 90's.
I decided to wear something more original, more precisely, I changed a way of how I wear some items hahah. Yeah, a t-shirt on turtleneck. It was more comfortable than I thought!
And I guess it looks more cool :)
If you want to recreate this look, you can use a t-shirt with rock band logo, I'm sure it will look awesome!

And maybe you can't see, but I have blue eyeshadows on my eyelids.
Apparently I'm really looking forward for spring! ♥

▹ ▸D E T A I L S ◃◂

I'm interested in your opinion guys, what kind of posts you enjoy reading more?
Maybe something specific? Let me know below ♥
Hope to see you next Friday!
SOTD: Mountain Breeze - I See You
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ukrainian Fashion Days. Part Two

Hello my loves!
how was your Valentine's Day?
I spent it with family in a peaceful atmosphere hahah. Don't forget to spread love and remember to love yourself ♥

Today's post is the second part of KFD series. And I'm showing you two outfits at the same time!
first one is pretty simple. it's all about layering. Big great sweater (essential), trousers and my favorite jacket and boots! It was the day when whe attended an openning of KFD.

Second one is more official and classy. One of my favorite shirts (yeah, it's with bulldogs!), same trousers and law ponytail (one of my fave hairstyles recently- super simply, but classy). And I've got a chance to meet beautiful Daria Shapovalova (Founder and creative director of the international fashion week -Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days).

My friend and I watched fashion show by really talented Ukrainian designer Anna K. Of course, she nailed hahah. And she was also modelling! So cool :)
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to visit Kiev Fashion days.
Looking for many more fashion events in my life that I'll enjoy visiting.

Oh, I almost forgot! I've promised you to share some tips when you attend something similar to this event. Firstly, be chilled and confident with yourself. Secondly, enjoy the moment. And don't be so nervous about you outfit. Try to wear something comfortable and stylish at the same time ♥
So yeah guys, I'm going to call it a day.
Hope you've had a great week. See you next time! ♥
SOTD:KADNAY – Beat Of The Universe
                First outfit:                                                                 Second outfit
               Jacket-Bershka                                                              Shirt-Mango
             Sweater-Fashion                                                           Trousers-Fashion
             Trousers-Fashion                                                            Boots-Topshop
              Boots-Pull&Bear                                                            Bag-Mango

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