Thursday, October 12, 2017

Styling a coat and sports trousers

Hi beauties! Another busy week nearly flown by, so it means it's time to relax in bed, drink tea and read my new post! Today I'm sharing with you my not really ordinary outfit.

I've combined two autumn trends here. It's plaid print and sport style. It was a bit challenging hahah. 
But I do like to unite some that may not seem looking really good or something like that.  If you'd like to combine something here's my advise: don't listen to anyone! Wear all combinations that you wasn't sure about before. Autumn may be the season when we all lay in bed and talk abot how cold it is, but I think it's also a season of changes! So keep progressing and wear something original if you want to :)

As you can see, to stay warm after taking some pics in the rain, I went to the shopping mall. It was a pretty succesull trip hahah. And after that I bought a magazine with Ryan Gosling on it so I felt great.
Also those snaps where I cross the road are not perfect but I always wanted to get some shots like these haha.

Oh, and did you know that it was Mental Health day in Tuesday? I think it's a theme that we are all connected with. Just wanted to wish you to always stay in harmony with the world and, which can be more important, with YOURSELF. We are all people and we all have some ups and downs, just remember that you can always change your reaction to something. I'm working on it too, so you're not alone! Not every day may be good, but there is something good in every day.

I think that's all for today guys. Another how-to post. By the way, did you liked my post for LookVine? In case you missed, link is down below. So, yeah, thank you all for reading, gonna catch uo with you soon ♥
Song of the day: THE HARDKISS  – October
                                                 Sweater-Pull & Bear
                                                 Sports trousers-Bershka
                                                 Boots-Kira Plastinina

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My article for LookVine

Friday, October 06, 2017

Cinema Sunday

Hey cutie! Haven't heard about you for a while, welcome to this week's post! Today I'm showing you my 'cinema Sunday' outfit. And I have some exciting news to share :)

An ultimate autumn finally arrived in Kiev (yay!) as you can see by my outfit. As I said under my last Instagram post, I was happy thinking about wearing big coats, sweaters, boots. And this is one of the reasons why I love autumn.

We went to this cinema (which looked more like a theatre tbh), grabbed some coffee and just enjoyed walking though the city when it's cold outside. I really love going to the cinema and want to do it more often hahah.

Also look at this cute little blue colored van! It deffinitely attracts some attention :)

So.. it's time for some interesting news. I've written an article for a site called LookVine! It's a little review of PFW. Click the link below to find out more about my favorite shows of this fashion week.
Thanks for reading! See you in my next post :)
                                                  Jeans-Pull & Bear
                                                  Sneakers-Pull & Bear

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My article for LookVine

Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Top 5: Ukrainian musicians

Hi folks! How was your week?
Remember a while ago I started some new and different series in this blog to get a little distracted from the fashion theme? Where I give you a list of movies that I like. So, it's back! With some updates. Now I'm goint to share with you not only my favorite films, but also something else.  It can relate to any category. And today it's all about about Ukrainian music.
To be fair, I didn't really listened Ukrainian singers until about 2016. But I'm so happy to notice how our music develops. I thik it will be interesting even for my foreign readers.
Here's a list of my favorite Ukrainian musicians.

☼  Mountain breeze
I learned about this group thanks to the X-Factor show. They are popular mainly in Ukraine, but I think that in the nearest future not just Ukrainians will recognise them. Even their covers make every song different and unique.

☼ Onuka
You may know her from Eurovision 2017. Her original style amd music with Ukrainian motives are just really inspiring, cool and modern.

☼ O.Torvald
Drive, rock, boldness, sincerity. Once I was fortunate enough to visit their concert, which brought me many great emotions.
☼ Kadnay
Every song of this group has a soul. Their music can also be called very stylish and modern. I'm really looking forward to the premiere of their Ukrainian-language album.

☼ The Hardkiss
This band releases songs of different genres. And whatever the genre is, I immediately like the song. They can be intriguing and bright, and can be more simple and open. I like it about them.
So there you have it. My Top 5 of Ukrainian musicians. Hope you were interested and discovered someone new.
And do you like these series? I want to know your opinion :)
Mayse you have some requests for these. Let me know.
Thank you for reading! See u in next post ♥
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Flower market

Not long time ago I visited Kiev Flower market. Several times a year this wonderful event gathers many interesting people in one place. For the third time I come to see a huge number of beautiful plants, Instagram locations and much more.

For this day I've chosen to wear my vintage striped shirt (striped print is one of my favorites!), my dark blut cullotes, which I think can go mostly with any kind of shirt and my flat shoes. Fun fact: when I was a kid I really liked shoes like these. Now, I don't even know the answer to this question hahah. What about you? What type of footwear to you prefer? Leave me a comment :)

Anyway, this Flower market was pretty great. You could find here any sort of flowers at different prices.
Also there were some really instagramable spots, where all the girls wanted to get the shot hahah. So many people! I find it a bit hard to concentrate and enjoy every detail when there are people everywhere.
After that my friend and I drank some latte in this cute little cafe.

So, there you have it, my photo report about this lovely event. Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it. See u in next post ♥
Song of the day: Florence + The Machine – Delilah
                                                  Flat shoes-Kira Plastinina 
                                                  Sunglasses-New Yorker
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Recently I've got an opportunity to visit Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days SS18. I know, it's crazy! I felt so happy and grateful when I received an email with an inviting to these amazing shows. Today I want to show you what I wore for this special event and to share with you my experience and feelings.

On Saturday I've had a chance to watch new collections by Agne Kuzmickaite (LT) , Julia Gurskaja and Lyumos. All of them were really good. Also I found it interesting to not just look at clothes, but also to experience the whole atmospere-guests,models, everything about it! 

Also I was pleasently surprised by he variety of models. Of course they all looked gorgeous, but they were different from each other at the same time. They differed in age, nationality. I've seen the oldest Ukrainian model! So cool!

The second day wasn't worse than the first one. It was even better :) Nastasia KLIMT, Acephala (PL),
Chatty (CZ).
As you can see, there were also collections by foreign designers. Bold outfits, femine suits,original styles... ♥

I want to thank  Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days  team for this opportunity and great organization. It was one of the best days of this year ♥
And thank YOU for reading this :) Hope you're having a great day ♥
Song of the day: Kendrick Lamar – XXX. (feat. U2.)
   Saturday outfit:                                                        Sunday outfit:
    Blouse-Mango                                                        Blouse-Reserved
    Trousers- Zara                                                        Cullotes-Colin's
    Bag-Mango                                                               Bag-Mango
    Shoes-Zara                                                            Earrings-Pull&Bear
                                                                            Flat shoes-Kira Plastinina                                                       
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