Thursday, May 17, 2018

A postcard from the garden

Hello people! Summer is around the corner, so it's time to shine bright and go outside! Here are some details about this season that are worth emphasizing.
One of my favourite places in my city is botanical garden. I think I might be able to spend daaays here hahah. You can find photos from this beautiful place a litle below.
You might remember the post I've written probably a year ago about the thing that I really making when it's warm outside. And it's picnic! So don't forget to arenge one too.
Walking! Especially on summer evening. Don't want to show myself weird or something, but I think this time of the day has it's own smell in summer. It's so fresh and nice. And it's good when you just want to think about something, or to listen to some music while being outside. I'm deffinitely feeling a lot more inspired after that.
I'll be writing the second part of this post soon, but next Friday you'll see something new. Stay tuned!

Love from livestylecreate. ♥
SOTD: Arctic Monkeys-She Looks Like Fun
                                                 T-shirt-Cropp (man section)

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

2018 prom look trends

Hello beautiful people! Today, as I promised, I want to introduce to many cool trends  of 2018 prom look. Moreover, I think you can use them not only for this occasion.
As for me, I'm almost ready with my prom outfit, there is just a couple of bits missing. So here's some of my highlights of fashion trends:
floral print
anazing print that's always on point and not only on the prom season
polka dots
to be true, I'm not a big fan of this one, but there's a chance that it will look really advantageously
i think it's really important for everyone to feel like themselves and be chilled, especially on such an important night! I heard a story about the girl who cried after the make up artist did her make up for prom. It's all because she was so amazed by it. Personally I think  that you should listen to yourself firstly, and on this situation you won't look like anyone else! :)
masculine style for women. It can pretty much describe all the trends of the 2018. So let's celebrate every gender and show how a girl can rock trousers too!
If you have more trends in your mind than feel free to comment them under this post. Down below I left some examples that I found on Mango and Topshop online shops, Oh, and on the Pinterest. Hope  you'll get some inspo from them, Enjoy!
Hope you'll have amazing time on your prom or, and if you're not graduating this year, have awesome day anyway!

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Thursday, May 03, 2018

is it summer already?

Eventually, it came. Super hot weather came. Not the favourite time for fashion bloggers hahah. Less clothes, but more emotions hahah. 
So it won't stop me from doing ootd photos, especially when I feel really inspired. Moreover, now I can investigate more cool places for shooting under the sun.

For that chilled "summer" look I've chosen my culottes (one more time: it's one of the comfiest items of clothes), my favourite kind of retro styled shirt from Mango and ginger sneakers. Would you wear something similiar?

By the way folks, since I'm finishing my last school year soon, I've already done some prom outfit shopping. And I noticed some cool trends that would look really good for your prom night look. Or for any festive occasion. And I do want to share them with you, until it's too late. Are you interested? :)
So I think thats all that I wanted to tell you today. Hope you've liked it :)
Sending you good vibes!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Spring look

Seeing all these beautiful shots makes me so happy that it's spring now! Your mind is at ease, you wear light clothes and just enjoy this atmosphere around you! 
for this weekend walk through amazing botanical garden I've chosen my blouse with a floral print and combined it with light Blue Jeans. And my new sneakers that I'm obsessed with! :) 

I think blooming trees is a great location for the photoshoot, so it's a little lifehack for you! It will deffinitely make your shots prettier. 
Also, as I'm getting more busy now, I'm changing the style of my posts a bit. New view and less texts. Of course if I'll have something really interesting to share, it will be here :)

Love you all ♥
See you next time 
SOTD: The Weeknd – Call Out My Name
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Thursday, April 19, 2018

is it okay?

hi there.
how often do you feel yourself sad? or anxious? or devastated?
sounds like the beginning of the pells advertising hahah.

this week i caught myself feeling not as good as i do normlly. And it's totally fine.
i think it's normal to have some negative thoughts (=make yourself feel stressed)  from time to time.
when something like this happens, you can just appreciate the time when you feel good with yourself and have a happy mind vision (hope it happens to you much more often).

Another theme is inspiration. I'm quite buisy with my exams and school currently, so my energy goes into different direction. But it's not something that I want to talk about here. For me it's about how much and how hard you do, but not how much you say or complain. However, when you feel a bit down, i think complaining is a natural thing hahah. What would you say about it?
And no, I don't want to take a rest from blogging. Because it's one of the ways I can relax! :)

And talking about sad times that we all have sometimes, with no or some reasons, it's good to just go with the flow, especially if it happens to the person you know. Don't make it worse, you're meant to make this world better. Sometimes we forget about it and the reason to it is because we are probably not so happy with ourselves either. So just spread love ♥ Basically it's something that I say in most of my posts, but it's important to remember.
Okay, onto today's photos! :)

Yep, I bought a cap! And I'm getting obsessed hahah. You'll see it more and more now ♥
If you're attentive, you might have noticed where we were. It's Easter festival! one week after Easter hahah. But it was really nice to see something like that, every year they invent something new!
So that's all that I wanted to tell and show you. Did you like today's post babes? Make sure you leave a comment! ♥ Good luck to you all!

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Warm shades

Today I want to show you some of the highlights of my spring and holidays break. Not so long ago we celebrated Easter, which is one of my favorite holidays by the way. Do you like this celebration?

Recently my friend and I went to this beautiful, atmospheric French cafe called. we've had great time there, the food and interior was really amazing. But let the photos say everything about this place. Sometimes I think like a critic hahah. And yeah, croissant with almond taste is reaaaly good.

Also last weekend we were lucky enough to visit the concert of the talented Ukrainian singer Laud. Fun fact: my family and I voted for him on our national selection of Eurovision. He has a cool and memorable voice. here are some of my snaps from that night.

Does some of you watch Eurovision? I started watching it like two years ago, on 2016-the year when Ukraine won. And I liked to get to know a little more every day about this famous European competition. Even discovered some musicians too. I think it's pretty to cool to be a part of this event. Hope my expectations will become true and my country will be represented greatly. Because I know that we have a talented musician who will sing for Ukraine.

Anyway, do you know anything about this competition? have you watched it? I'm interested in your answers. Well, know that I'm going to continue talking about this theme, but a bit later, when the competition will start.

So yeah guys,I'm going to wrap in out now. Hope to see you there next time ♥
SOTD: Post Malone – Rockstar (llkay Sencan)
                                                            Sweater-Pull & Bear
                                                            Jeans-Pull & Bear

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